Review: Infinix Zero 5

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infinix zero 5

People nowadays tend to make use of mobile phones for their communication. Through the technology, communication has been made easy, and it is very convenient for one to access information very fast. The use of smartphones the likes of infinix zero 5 is part of this massive tech breakthrough.

In the era we are living, now the availability of mobile phones has made communication life easy hence you don’t have to use messengers or posters so that your information can reach the desired party.

Infinix zero 5 phone supports the very latest types of present networks.  So when you want to gift one with a phone worry no more just think about the infinix zero 5 and thank me later.

Introduction – Zero 5

For a long period of time, personally, have been using Infinix zero 5.

Infinix zero five has been the fifth smartphone that has been trending in the series of the Infinix zero, it is made up of a line up centric camera.

This was its main goal although the purchasers of this phone wanted cameras with high quality in all the prices and points and since then that line has forever not been clear.

With 230 dollars you can purchase this kind of phone. The infinix zero phones come up with 7.0 androidNaught which has XOS v 3.0 with a custom UI on the top.

The infinix zero 5 phone is the first one that is direct from the company which has a UI custom which is well updated. Click To Tweet

Infinix Zero 5 – Benefits

infinix zero 5
infinix zero 5

This smartphone is known as the camera phone, this is simply because of the best quality of photos that one can get while using its camera.

It also offers best features that their users will enjoy and really appreciate. First of all to begin with, I will go through the hardware and the design of this phone.

We find that this kind of phone is built well using a metallic cover which is very smooth and does have a premium to enable them feel it.

In the Infinix zero five, we find that it has very many different colors.  So it is up to you to choose the color that will be most appropriate for you and attractive to your eyes and purchase it.

This kind of phone has an inch of about 5.98 and a resolution of 1089*1920 pixels with a full HD.

The Infinix zero 5 has a screen which is very responsive and has a very good angle for viewing.

It can even get brighter and can be convenient for one to use even when he is under a sunlight which is direct.

As we have mentioned above, the display of this phone is around 6 inches, although this is not every user’s size.

The Infinix zero phones will never let you down when it comes to its way of performances.

You will find some people saying that you’ve got a lot of power that you will be making use of most of the times.

The infinix zero five phones come with a GB of 6 and 2.6GHz processor and a GPU of T880. The phone has storage of about 128 GB which can expand if you decide to use a MicroSD card. Click To Tweet

The camera of infinix zero 5 is the best, making it to be purchased more especially by those people who like taking photos, in short infinix zero 5 is a camera phone.

The infinix five zero phone do come with two cameras one has a MP of 12 and the other one has a 13MP.

These two cameras do work together one having a lens of telephoto while the other camera has a lens which has a wide angle.

With these two cameras setup, they work together hand in hand making it to produce photos with a very high quality.

Also in the phone you will be able to get some of their features that will activate your game of photography.

Even if these kinds of features in the camera will miss, you will still be able to take photos of a high quality using the two cameras.

Infinix Zero 5 Battery feature

The infinix zero five phones do come with a battery of 4350mAh which can last for at least two days something which is very unique.

And cannot be experienced on other phones and last for two days here I mean if you are a heavier phone user.

But if you do not use your phone a lot  the battery can last for about a week. In the recent past my battery has been able to last for a very long period especially.

Every day I used to charge my other smartphones but with the infinix zero 5 it is really amazing.

This is a good kind of phone which supports the quick charging. With just using few minutes you can charge the phone hence saving you much of your time.

Also the battery in this phone is not removable. On the paper the infinix zero 5 phone has the best specifications which include its overall performance.

  • Finger print scanner
  • Long lasting battery
  • Quality front and back camera
  • Do support video at 1080p @30
  • It has a dual sim
  • It has very good phone storage.
Customer Satisfaction

As we have seen in many reviews of infinix zero 5, it’s the best phone that one can ever dream of having.

Many people have been able to compliment this infinix zero 5 phone because if it’s uniqueness in nature.

And it has an option for fingerprint which can easily help you in unlocking of your phone than using a password.

The customers here were really amazed with the battery life of this phone it can go atleast two days without you charging this is because it has a good strong battery.

This phone also has some smooth hence makes the customer have a smooth feeling while carrying it.

Advantages and disadvantages

The infinix zero 5 has enabled their users a very secure feeling due to the fingerprint which other phones do not have.

However you may find that this kind of feature is not good for others, and some customers claim that it is very big for them to be carrying around.

The common questions asked

What are features about its camera?      

It is very convenient for you to tell them about t features of this phones camera feature from your view point.

Yes, I have been using infinix zero five for some time now and I can really assure you that this is the best option you can ever opt for.

Can you gift someone?

Definitely, this is the best gift you can ever give to someone and forever they will have something to remember you about

Does it have a warranty?

Yes, when you buy this kind of phone you will be given a one-year warranty of one year and in case of any problem before the year is over you can return your phone.


In closing, this is the latest type of phone that we have in the industry today. Because of its features it makes it most the expensive.

Also the infinix zero 5 is very big, its size can make one to be able to watch movies and some video songs very well.

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