Review: Infinix Note 4

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Looking for a low budget but high permanence smartphone?, Well, in this article i will take you through a deep infinix note 4 review which i personally think is a good phone for those looking at multi-tasking.

Why choose something that has no built quality? Why not buy an Infinix Note 4 for a reasonable price! Are there all the features I want? – Yes! There is!!!

Mind you, the infinix note 4 is my current mobile and so far its been amazing how much i could accomplish with this USD 160 smartphone. That is if you’re also interested in knowing the infinix note 4 price.

Let’s have a look at Infinix Note 4 specs

This Wonderful mobile phone which is designed for people was released in August 2017.


First, let me tell you about the hardware quality of Infinix Note 4,

In the very first look you can see that Infinix Note 4 has a quite large display, and guess what, it has a display of 5.7-inch! You can watch movies, play games or whatever you do, without any “Display Limitations”!


The Dimensions; This Beauty has a 159.00mm of height,78.80mm of width and 8.40mm of thickness, pretty cool eh?

Oh,I know, you are waiting to hear about it’s perfect screen resolution! Well it has a 1080×1920 resolution, which is just perfect! And it has a PPI (Pixels per inch).


Let’s talk about the most important part of a phone; The Processor! This amazing piece of technology has a Processor which has a speed of 1.3GHz and it is a quad-core processor, a Mediatek Processor (Mediatek MT6753)

Are you a gamer? Then what you should concern more is “The RAM”. Here in Infinix Note 4 you have a RAM of 3 GB! You can Play almost every game on Google Play store !


Do you like to see that ugly, disturbing notification saying “Internal Storage is full”? Nobody likes to see that notification! So there will be no such notifications if you have enough Internal Storage.

In Infinix Note 4 you have an Internal Storage of 32GB! So you will never see such annoying notification again! If you still feel like that 32GB isn’t enough for you…feeling worried? Please don’t be!

You can extend the storage anytime by inserting a microSD card! You can extend it up-to 128Gb by inserting a microSD card!!!


This cool gadget has two cameras. The main (Rear) camera has a value of 13 Mega Pixels and the secondary (Front) camera has a value of 8 Mega Pixels.

You can take Super clear photos with these two cameras! And the most exciting thing is the flashlight possibility on both cameras.


When talking about the battery, it has a battery of 4300mAh which is non-removable.


You can use dual SIM/s with this phone, and both should be micro SIM cards. This Mobile phone comes with So many features including,

Wi-Fi feature (The feature that allow to connect to a Wi-Fi network and to Share your connection with hot-spot technology)

GPS feature (Global Positioning System)

Bluetooth feature (The feature that allows you to send or receive files to/from another device which has Bluetooth feature). This Bluetooth feature that comes along with this device is version 4.20.

USB OTG Feature (This feature gives you an opportunity to connect any storage device or any other device through a OTG Cable, so you can import/export files through OTG)


There is also a 3.5 mm audio port. You can plug a charger into the microUSB port and you can plug your headphones into the audio port.

4G Network Feature (This allows you to surf the internet with super speed.)


Lets talk about sensors in Infix Note 4. Infix Note 4 contains these following Sensors.

Compass Sensor (This is required for some mapping apps and games)

Magnetometer (This one is also required in some games and apps)

Proximity Sensor (When you are in a call, the display turns off, that’s because of this sensor.)

Accelerometer (This is required for games, apps etc.)

Ambient Light Sensor (This one is required for games etc.)

Gyroscope Sensor (This one also required for Apps, games etc.)


This Beauty comes in three unique colors, Ice Blue, Champagne Gold and Milan black. You can choose in whatever color you want!


Lets have a look at the software side. The OS of Infix Note 4 is Android 7.0. And the Skin is based on XOS UI.

Android 7.0 is Android Nougat is pretty cool and every app on Google play store supports Nougat. XOS UI is also pretty cool and eye catching.



The infinix note 4 comes along with USB OTG transfer cable, a pair earpieces, a top plug for connecting to power sources.

Still interested to know more? Feel free to check out my other review on the infinix note 4 pro and the comparison of the two smartphones.

Let me read your ideas in the comment box below.

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