10 Amazing Features and functionalities You’ll Love About Infinix Phones

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infinix phones

Its another awesome time to share my views on the amazing features and functionalities Infinix phones come with. In the last two to three months, i have written a total of 50 articles, reviews, guides and hows about Infinix phones and that was the birth of this all in one blog, Infinix Geek.

Infinix phones come with amazing great features on the market you’ll ever get at the same tag price.  Its going to a year since i got my Infinix Note 4 and life has never been the same again. Before, i was an avid Samsung user not minding other people businesses  call them now phones.

However, my story changed the moment i gave a try to Infinix phones. Today, i want to be part of your journey that will make using Infinix devices a great one. Not limiting it to that, this blog will be a great resource for you on anything Infinix be it unlocking, rooting, troubleshooting or the latest Infinix gadget review as it is now for the Note 5. All will be here in one place.

Here are 10 Amazing Features and functionalities on Infinix Phones

So, today i would like to just mention out a few of the amazing Infinix phone features that you’ll love. If you’re just beginning the Infinix journey, this blog post is for you.

1. Battery

Yes, the battery comes #1. The basic reason we carry phones is to keep in contact with friends, family and business but how can a phone be supportive if it doesn’t have a good battery life?. Well, here the Infinix family comes in with innovative technology building/manufacturing batteries that last 3 days or longer with maximum usage. The latest (flagship) in the note series the Note 5 features an 4500mAh battery that you can actually charge for 30 mins for a full day usage. How best can that be? Predecessors ran 3000, 3500, 4000mAh batteries way better than there competitors.

2. Security

Leave alone those smartphones giving you the ability to use only one security feature such as the unlock pattern. Gone are the days. Infinix phones give you a number of possibilities to secure your gadget. From Fingеr рrint secure access, face unlock and a bundle of security sensors just to make your private life be extra secure.

3. Design

Infinix has done wonders to the smartphone industry by not only selling phones at almost a giveaway price but also equipping them with amazing features and outstanding body design and screen sizes. Infinix phones go up to 6.0 inch with high resolutions оf up to 1440×2160 рixеlѕ.

With screen protection, screen resolution densities going up to 402ppi and capacitive touch screen feature. Infinix phones just can’t be thrown aside in the smartphone market.

4. Operation System

From the very start, Infinix has been at the fore front of bring industry leading smartphones with amazing capabilities. It all started by Infinix launching its custom made OS XOS chameleon, then XOS humming bird all powered by Android. These customizations brought in advanced features on Infinix devices making them unique from any other Android powered smartphones.

5. Support Community (Online & Offline)

The Infinix brand has established a number of offline reliable service centers worldwide. Meaning that you’re able to access a physical shop or Infinix repair centre incase you happen to have issues with your device. You may lookup the next service centre via google maps you by making an inquiry at there official country specific site.

Putting aside the physical support centers, Infinix has already established an online platform called the Infinix club (xclub) where infinix users interact about Infinix related issues. In the same platform, there are moderators from the Infinix team who are available you help you with tangileable support. xClub also comes as a default app your Infinix device and you only need to sign in and me part of the team.

Besides the xClub, there are number of blogs writing, publishing and sharing great and amazing guides about Infinix Phones and devices. Put aside Infinix Geek the only blog specifically built for Infinix devices, other tech related blogs also do so based on their topic of interest.

6. Network & Connectivity

Network and connectivity is something i just can leave out. Infinix phones support some of the latest network and connectivity features. From 2G GSM, 3G WCDMA, 4G LTE,, FDD, TDD, WLAN, Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, wi-fi hоtѕроt to Bluetooth 4.2, GPS, Bluеtооth tethering, USB Tеthеring, miсrоUSB 2.0 among others.

7. Family Apps

The Infinix XOS family dock is yet an interesting feature Infinix bags togther with its amazing phones like on a Note 4. In this dock, there a acouple of apps that come frome the Infinix dev team and include but not limited to Feedback, Weather, xClub, xHide among others.

The most exciting for me here is the xHide feature. It helps you hide specific apps that you don’t want your friends to find running on your phone. The feature enables you bag them up and lock them with a password.

8. Apps Freezer

So you have probably been using that smartphone that keeps running apps in the background. Apps that you last used a month or two ago. Right? Here, Infinix comes in with an innovative idea of freezing apps that are considered dormant. A certain algorithm rates and determines such apps the moves them into the Freezer dock and here, these apps wont use any of your phone resources such as battery and data.

9. The Mighty Infinix Camera & Artificial Intelligence

Infinix is greatly taking the smartphone industry by storm not only because of its mind blowing prices but all the amazing camera technologies they are coming up with of late.

Just few weeks back, the Infinix Note 5 was launched that actually has an awesome AI powered camera bokeh feature.

Currently Infinix phones come with upto  16 MP front саmеrа and 12 MP саmеrа in thе rеаr for уоur favorite photography. Also, main саmеrа features in some series may include phase dеtесtiоn, аutоfосuѕ, duаl-LED duаl-tоnе flаѕh, Gео-tаging, tоuсh fосuѕ, раnоrаmа among others.

10. Prices

Well, i had to smile when writing about this. An why it came last? Yes, you basically just can’t write about Infinix phone features and leave out talking about the prices. To be very honest with you, Infinix phones are some of cheapest in smartphone market. Yes! They come with alot of amazing features like i have told you before, support, capacity and and.

Infinix phones stand to be a game changer in new emerging smartphone markets especially in Asia and Africa. Infinix phones range from as low as $ 120 to $500. Who the help can beat those prices with phones coupled with great features such as AI, FHD camera quality, 128 GB  storage support among others.

In Closing

Well, there is alot of noise out there. Every smartphone manufacture cliams their product is the best just like any other brand owner. I would like to tell you that an Infinix phone is worth the investment. Whether you’re at an entry level smartphone user or an advanced one. The Infinix company has a device for you and perfectly suites your needs  and budget right from as low as $120.

Have you had an Infinix phone before?, what was your experience. Is anything missing out in this post? I will be happy to know in the comment section below.

Image credit: Odedata.

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